Michelle Gadsden

Entrepreneurship has been a big part of my spirit since birth. In fact, my insatiable ambition prompted me to pursue an education at the State University of New York at Oneonta (SUNY), ultimately earning my Small Business Development certification from SUNY Delhi. Along the way, I spent several years working in healthcare as a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) before settlind down in a place I once called home in Oneonta, NY.

It was there that I developed the Valleyview Family Childcare Service, my very first business. Additionally, I co-founded and operated an annual sports league at Neahwa Park. Soon after, I added many other new roles to my list of accomplishments, including owner of a rental property management company, and Senior Barber of a co-owned barbershop.

In 2012, my heart was called back to New York City, where I began working in retail while also gaining experience in sales management in the self-storage industry. As community involvement is just as important to me as entrepreneurship, I quickly became involved with local organizations, schools, and events. Simultaneously, I launched a home-based travel business to satisfy my intense passion for travel and life-changing experiences.

I recently established DCW TREND Holdings Corp to take my tenacious drive a step further. This business is my way of uniting, encouraging, and empowering my fellow entrepreneurs. I aspire to collaborate with other determined, like-minded individuals and their ventures to maximize our full potential, which we will achieve through the promotion and strengthening of our diverse leadership, innovation, connection, and peer support.



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Wendell Lee Jr

Wendell Lee Jr graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with a focus on leadership, society, and policy.

Currently, Wendell Lee Jr serves in the United States Army as a Non-commissioned officer and has served in various roles that have allowed him to interact with a multitude of personalities to achieve common goals. 

He is the  Director of Entertainment, and encourages developing artistic talent by assisting their efforts to achieve their goals and expanding upon them. He centralizes in networking with local business venues and various community organizations that have similar goals.